Building A Marketplace Like A Champion


Professional developers created a module that allows you to quickly create a trading platform. Take advantage of their experience to building a marketplace.

Various marketplaces is not a hot news today. It’s clear that they not lose their demand and will determine peer to peer networks and startups generally. Now the quality of selling websites increasing with their number. It’s time to build a marketplace on No matter what ecommerce topic you are interested in: open source software, travel, healthcare, lifestyle, sport or other goods or services. Your have to build the best marketplace to become successful. What does it mean? Here are the main requirements for a good selling web page:

Building A Marketplace Like A Champion

  • Useful search. Do not clone bulky wordpress directories with many sub-items and dropdowns. Make intuitive laconic catalog, divided into categories. Use the script to filter by price, geography, and the seller (community or individual) and only three types of sorting (for example, by recency goods, ascending and descending prices). Also let visitors to find suggestions via search form.

  • Internal rating of goods. Rating has two sides: motivation for sellers and clear demonstration for buyers. Rating helps to promote products inside one catalog by the placement priority. Best rated app (or other product) get the top position. If you wish, you can invite sellers to move to the upper block by special placement conditions.

  • For buyers – the ability to add items to favorites, save bookmarks, send to friends, post on personal page in social networks. These features, as well as wishlists, help to create a tribe of people interested in your p2p site. This is also promotion and advertising.

  • Start working with feedback to improve website rating. Rating is calculated based on user feedback. Positive feedback encourage other users to make a purchase. But even negative feedback is not a problem – it shows you how to improve business.

These are just some examples of how you can improve your website. Using these tips allows to break away from the competition. The development of such a quality web sites is not easy. If you are not professional web-builder, you can spend a lot of time wasted, until the result is satisfactory. But there is another way. You can use ready-made solution from Rademade. To develop the MVP is much more profitable than starting from scratch.

How to start an online marketplace quickly and correctly

The effectiveness of multi vendor market could be very low just because some important components are missed. You can use a good template, nice theme and original design – but this is not enough. It’s necessary to own all the modern technologies of site-building and promotion to make productive b2b, b2c or c2c startup.

We used to work with a set of tools – and we are ready to open and share our experience. We created the universal opencart “start package” to develop platform for sell any goods or services. How will help you? It will free you time, save your effort and, as a result – your money. Using it you will be able to:

  1. Check your business idea.
  2. Start with working selling area.
  3. Build and develop the already valid platform.

The right start is a guarantee of easiest achieve the desired results.


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