Ways To Determine The Increase In Your Website Traffic


Once a business has been set up, the most wanted thing is customers! In order to get more customers, the best way is to increase traffic to your website as that is the first way to connect to the world and it is also a way to know how many customers have viewed your website. There are various ways to increase your website traffic, starting from advertising, updating on social media, getting the right key words for your product etc. After a certain time period, you would like to know the status of your website traffic to know your customers and the worth of your website. It is a little difficult to get an accurate measure of the traffic, but there are a few traffic estimation services like the intdmf.com that can certainly give you an idea.

Increase In Your Website Traffic

What is Web Analyzing? Why do you need it?

It is a well-known form of traffic estimation service to know the ranking of your website. It measures based on visitors and number of page views. It uses a special toolbar on the browser and less than 1% of the internet users have this toolbar on their browser. Hence, it is not the accurate but will definitely give you an idea on your website’s rank. Other reason for inaccuracy is that this rank is not solely based on your website’s traffic alone, but is an estimation of traffic from all the other websites which are monitored by it. But some say that its results are much lower than actual stats.

It is a best way to check traffic estimate for a website with intdmf.com. It not only uses their toolbar like Alexa, but also uses various other ways like ISPs, page views, demographics, average duration of stay etc.

This service gives you clean and price data of website traffic. With this you can find out the keywords used, traffic from which countries are high, over time of traffic, time spent on website, other websites visited after yours, 10 organic keywords etc. All this are available with their version. You can even download the traffic reports in PDF format.

With this tool you get more information about organic traffic for a website. You just use the URL of the website to know the organic search of the website over a time period. It also organizes data the country, other websites that are sending the traffic and keywords used. The data is a representation of ranking for the keywords used which are competitive and is searched many times. The list tells you the traffic and the ranking for each keyword used and his position.

It gives you details about the number of people who have visited your site during a period. You can even get accurate results of demographics, traffic per country, traffic from mobile and traffic from desktop.

Choose your content to be more appealing to the visitors by including key words relating to your subject. If the above methods are employed, it will really tweak your website and make it reach to better ranking. If all can’t be adopted some of them can really bring a new spin to your website.


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