Useful Tips when Buying Used Phones


So you’ve decided to buy a mobile phone, but you cannot afford a new one, or you just do not want to spend a lot of money on a device that will be in use for a couple of months. Naturally, you begin to consider buying a used phone. Indeed, this way you can save quite a lot of money and get a good phone, however there is a chance that you might buy a device that will stop working after a few days. Therefore, let’s take a look at some pitfalls you might face when buying a used phone.

Probably you have already decided what model you want, and you have conducted a small study on the prices at which such models are sold on the secondary market. If you have a problem determining the price for a particular phone, we suggest you check out this service, which allows you to find the average cell phone prices on the market.

Buying Used Phones

Beware, that the prices for the same model cannot vary too much: they should be in the same ballpark. You should also keep in mind that if the price is overly low, it speaks only about the desire of the owner to get rid of bad working or stolen items. Let’s see what you should pay attention to in the first place.
Main parts of the phone.

Body. The body of a phone should have no visible damage, dents or cracks. Their presence indicates that the phone was dropped, and this may lead to micro defects on a PC-board of the phone, which do not always appear immediately. The safety margin in the phones with physical defects in the body is usually small, and therefore you should not consider buying such devices.

Screen. You should pay a lot of attention to the screen of a phone. It should not have any irremovable specks, dots or dead pixels, and the display illumination should be even (it is not OK when only half of the screen is illuminated).

Interface connector. Typically, the phone interface connector is located at the lower end of the phone; however, it might look different depending on the manufacturer. Such interface connectors must not be oxidized. The second issue, which is connected with connectors, is their laxity. Check if the connecter of a charger can be plugged in firmly and make sure it does not fall out.

Battery. When it comes to used phones, battery is the weakest point, because today’s battery can only be recharged for 1000 times and then they begin to lose their properties. When examining a phone, you should pay attention to the phone battery charge level, if the phone is fully charged, then the seller was responsible and prepared for a meeting with you, or he just wanted to hide the fact that phone’s battery was almost dead. If a seller presents to you an uncharged phone, you can safely assume that the battery is totally “dead”, and the seller is being disingenuous, when he says that they did not have time to charge it. But the good news is that some phones, such as Blackberry Curve, for example, have replaceable batteries, which means that even if the battery is in awful condition, you can always buy a new one!


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