Top 10 Awesome Mobile Covers


It is said that the way you dress and carry your self tells others about what kind of fashion and style you are into. Your dressing and accessories also portray the kind of personality and mood that you are channeling for the day. Similarly, the covers that you use for your cell phones are also a great way to turn up the fashion a notch. The mobile cover and casing market has expanded a lot in the recent years. The body of you cell phone remains protected and they also look super cool. Here are some really cool and awesome mobile covers in Pakistan ideas:

Mobile Covers

1.     Classic black or white/single colored covers:

The classic plain colored covers. Mostly black and white are the colors people go for, but you can always jazz up and get a hot pink colored cover. It all depends on what you like.

2.     Minion characters case:

Another awesome and cool mobile cover is to get a minion character cover. It portrays to people that you are a minion lover and basically a fun lover.

3.     Hello kitty silicone cover:

Kittens are adorable and you can also show that love on you mobile cover. The hello kitty covers have been all the rage lately. They come in different colors and you can also gift them to people. This will surely love to add color to their mobile.

4.     Aluminum metal frames:

Although these are a little bit pricy but they also look super classy and fancy. The sleek and shine these metal covers give off are worth the money they cost.

5.     Customized covers:

You can also get customized mobile covers of the things that you find attractive and good looking. Like, for example, you can get a mobile cover has the picture of your favorite artist on it. It will look unique and will have special meaning to you.

6.      Wallet book case:

Safeguard your cell phone and its screen with the wallet case.

7.     Leather case:

They look super classy and trendy. Leather items never go out of fashion.

8.     Zebra stripes cover:

Stripes are always a win; even in cell phone covers they look great.

9.     Digital printed covers:

Digital printed covers are a super fancy way to accessorize your mobile phone. These prints are very attractive.

10.    Superhero logo case:

Whether you are a superman fan or a batman fan, you can get your favorite superhero logo phone case to show it.



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