Think More Than Twice Before Using A Fake ID Card


We come across many websites selling fake licenses and identity cards for a price. The more sophisticated the fake card, more you have to pay and as the price increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate it from a real ID card. Think twice before you purchase a fake card because it is illegal and punishable offence. Always keep in mind that the sellers of fake licenses are not bothered about the consequences it produces be it prosecution or an accidental death caused due to the mistake of the driver with a fake driving license. All these miscreants want is money and they are prepared to do anything no matter whatever happens to the user or people around. It is a pity many victims fall into the trap of such unlawful people and land in deep trouble. Some of them even after they see their friends and relatives getting prosecuted for using a fake ID card still continue to use these ID cards with the notion that they will never get caught.

Fake ID Card

Fake identity card usage is increasing at an alarming rate and the prosecution has turned tougher to prevent people from using fake licenses. For example in Florida fake id usage is considered a felony punishable by 5 years in prison and fine of five thousand dollars.

Let’s see the consequences of using a fake identity card other than criminal prosecution which has been explained in length in the previous article itself.

  1. Original licenses of people caught using fake licenses may be suspended temporarily and in some cases their driving license would be cancelled permanently depending upon the severity of the crime. This results in a lot of inconvenience adding to the agony of losing original driving license.
  2. People caught using fake identity cards fall in bad books of people and they may lose their job or may not get seat in a good educational institution of their choice.
  3. Driving license suspension goes on the public records till the suspension is lifted and most of the times, you have to pay a fee to lift the suspension. If fraud charges land on your permanent record, you may not get a job or have difficulty in getting placed and this does not stop here but continues to haunt you for the rest of your life.
  4. Legal process involved to come out of felony charges is a big headache and you have to keep shuttling between your advocate office and the court forget the fine and the massive fees you have to pay to your lawyer. All these processes will take the life out of you.
  5. Getting fake ID cards comes with significant risk as the manufacturer may misuse your personal information including social security number to loot your bank account or sell it to strangers who could steal your identity IRL.

Now we have seen in detail all the consequences of using a fake identity card and if you still want to get one, think again and again about the painful outcome till you drop the idea.


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