How To Tell A Story Trough Ios Charts?


If you have to deliver a presentation or just present some facts there is nothing better to use than charts. They allow people to understand all the data presented simple and easy. Adding charts to your story can be benefic not only for you but also for your listeners. Data presented in charts is easy to read and understand. You don’t have to worry about presentation anymore. Follow this steps and you will tell a story simple and effective. Pople are using their smartphones everyday so mastering iOS charts is definitely a thing you should think about.

Don’t use a big number of charts. Even if they are a powerful tool that you should use keeping their number low can be extremely effective. A rule that you should follow is to use two or less charts at any time. Data can help people understand your story but if you are overwhelming them with huge amounts of charts it can damage your whole presentation. You have to keep your audience focused so anything that shows more than two charts at once can be perceived as distracting.

Story Trough Ios Charts

Take a second look at your scale and colours. When you are designing visualizations you should keep in mind a few things. Your data might work with multiple types of charts but you should always choose the one that suits your story. Try not to use unnecessary things. For example, when you are designing a column chart try to sort your data beforehand as good as possible. Stick to one color and don’t fill up your iOS charts with unnecessary things like legends and grid lines.

Use images to support your information. Pictures will always be more valued than words. If your presentation includes a few well-placed images it can help your audience stay focused. You have to think about your audience reaction and attention span. A few logos here and there will also make your chart more appealing but it will also provide some more information. An image placed near some statistics can help everyone understand better not only what the chart is about but it will be easier for them to understand the data as well.

You don’t have to be professional to design a beautiful data story. SciChart can help you with all of your chart issues. SciChart is a powerful iOS charting library where you can find and design the perfect iOS chart for you. Check their website at for more high-performance iOS charts.


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