Few Steps You Should Take to Make Your VoIP Phones Secure


Using VoIP phones is one great way to keep in touch with your customers in a cost-effective manner. You can install VoIP apps on your mobile devices and receive calls on the go. While there are many benefits associated with this option, some people also have some concerns. The biggest concern is about securing your voice network. You will be connecting to the internet, so there is always a risk of having your data interrupted and stolen. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this point and proceed carefully.

You have to pay attention to a number of things to protect your voice network. The best thing is to work with your vendor and ask them to help you implement the VoIP solution in a secure way. Alternatively, you can also make use of certain features available on VoIP systems to help ensure better security. For instance:

·        Start by configuring dial plans. It is also a good idea to make user profiles to ensure that everything works in a seamless way. You can take control of voice network by using device certificate to grant access to your employees. You may also consider setting up username and password for each profile.

·        Use specific features to determine what types of calls could be received on the network. You can restrict different calls based on user, device, time of day and other criteria.

·        Take advantage of the firewall feature. You can significantly lower the risk of security breach by using a firewall –it is even better to set up some type of intrusion prevention system. Such security features help filter out unauthorized VoIP traffic. It will also enable you to monitor authorized traffic and keep track of unusual voice activities.

·        A good idea to ensure maximum security while using VoIP phones is to lock voice servers physically. Centralize administration will lower security risk. You may also benefit from two-factor authentication, especially for administrative access. Ensure that only you can grant administrative access to signaling data, credentials, and configuration files.

·        To ensure maximum security of your voice network, it is of immense importance to install OS updates at regular intervals. By doing so, you will never miss any new security update, which will help keep you save.

·        Consider taking advantage of VLANs. By using this option, you will be in a much better position to segment voice traffic. You can also use VLANs to separate voice traffic from data traffic.

The crux of the matter is that you can always use VoIP phones to run your business in a more efficient way, but you need to bear in mind that not using it correctly could increase your security risk. Be sure to work with an expert or talk to your vendor to learn how to ensure maximum security when making use of VoIP systems. Do not take things lightly if you do not want to lose your important data!


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