Smartphone Troubleshooting: Common Android Problems & Their Solutions


The beauty of an Android phone is that it can adapt to accommodate different apps and features—including those from third-party sources. Because of this, Android users can access almost every app on the Internet. Whether you’re a casual user or a techie, you can control the software and plugins on your phone. What is more, there are different app testing services that specialize in debugging and refining apps.

However, the open nature of Android software is a double-edge sword. Although you can download all kinds of apps to suit your preferences, the result can be a messy assortment of apps and features. For instance, some third party apps may come with bugs that can impede the performance of your phone. Thankfully, companies like Perfecto Mobile, which allow developers to perform debugging and quality control, can help reduce some of the problems that plague Android users the world over.

 If you’re the proud owner of an Android phone, here are some of the problems and solutions you may encounter along the way. Troubleshoot away!

Smartphone Troubleshooting

A Frozen Phone

Many Android problems can be resolved with a soft reboot of the system. However, if you’re looking for a way to simulate the soft reset process without having to shut down your phone (especially in the event of an emergency), Fast Reboot is the way to go. The software can get your phone running on all cylinders while uncluttering your RAM.

Uninstalling Pre-Installed Apps

While uninstalling core applications is not advisable, it is definitely possible through an app called Root Uninstaller. Tread cautiously. Many of the pre-installed apps are part of what makes your phone function properly; make sure you know what you’re doing.

Stuck With Old Software

Not all Android phones can update to the latest software releases. If your phone is one of those, you can search the Internet for the latest ROMs. A word of caution: make sure that what you download is safe and virus-free.

Dropping Your Phone In Water

Accidentally dropping your phone in the toilet is a complete bummer. Not only is your phone in danger of getting broken, you have to live without it for a few days. Typically, phones protect themselves by shutting down as soon as they hit water. Your best bet is leaving yours for at least 72 hours to dry. Placing it in a box of dry rice helps draw out water and moisture.

Reinstalling Paid Apps

If an app is acting out-of-whack, the best solution may be to uninstall and reinstall it later. To preserve your account data, visit the “My Market Account” link on the Android Market to see a list of all the apps you’ve purchased and installed accordingly. The Android Market should not charge you double for a second download.

No Memory

When your phone is low on storage, it begins to slow. Aside from cleaning out apps and files you no longer need, you can clear your memory using apps like Cache Cleaner. The app helps clean out your cache and other remnant files. You’ll be surprised how much space those hidden files eat up!


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