Reasons Why You Need to Have Timesheet for Your Organization


Timesheets have been in use for hundreds of years to keep the track of the work done and also make sure that the time spent on work is in control. There have been many different formats in which the timesheets have been stored and with the current generation being focused on digitalization, the time sheets have also become digital and automatic. There are even free timesheet software that could be downloaded and used directly by the organizations now.

Timesheet for Your Organization

Even though the formats of the timesheets have been changed, the basic purpose of these timesheets remains the same, which is manage and record time effectively. Timesheets are very crucial to effectively record the time spent by employees on specific projects in large organizations. However, the use of the timesheets has gone down as most of the new organizations choose not to use them as they require time to fill and manage.

If you own an organization that doesn’t use a timesheet, here are some of the reasons why you should start considering the use of timesheets:

Timesheets offer protection

Updated and accurate timesheets can be used as legal documents that can offer you protection in the event of potential lawsuits over unpaid wages of the employees. Also if there are any issues over the payroll, a timesheet might be needed to verify the time the employee has worked.  So basically timesheets are your evidence in thecase of any lawsuits filed against you by any employee. This is a written record that can resolve the salary disputes fairly.

Timesheet for Your Organization 2

Detailed reports of employee work hours

Timesheets provide accurate data to track the working hours of the employees. They also have the information about the overtimes or double-times that the employees have done. A typical timesheet consists of the information about when the employee came to work, at what time did he go for a break or lunch, and when did the employee leave work. Some of the timesheets also have precise data of what projects have the employee worked on and for how long.

Timesheets are very important to have if you have payroll employees. Payroll is a very important aspect of any organization and even a minor error in the payroll can prove disastrous for the organization. With the organizations getting large and the workforce increasing, timesheet if the only thing that could ensure that you pay your employees for what they have worked.

Punctuality and attendance

There are chances that if a big organization doesn’t have any timesheet records then the employees might get a bit casual about their punctuality and attendance. Managing all the employees and keeping a track of when they come and when they go is a humongous task and if there is no record of it employee might leverage it.

However, if you have a timesheet it will make the employees aware that their attendance and their times are noted which will make them punctual. This will also enable the managers to find the defaulters and take appropriate action against them. To make sure your timesheet is accurate you can automate it and connect it to the biometric system as well.

These are some of the influences that the timesheets can have on your organization. So what are you waiting for, get your free timesheet software from the various online timesheet providers for your organization.


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