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It’s quite a long time when Google announced its revolutionary Penguin update. Most of the SEO professionals have noticed its immediate impact in rankings. However, only those websites have affected where link farming, spamming and keyword stuffing is used deliberately. When it comes to create a perfect link building strategy, guest posts play an indifferent role.  A blogger or a content writer is solely responsible to write guest posts as an end-to-end SEO strategy.  Guest posting needs to be implemented in very crucial manner to ensure.

Penguin 4.0

A Strategy Of Utmost Importance: Guest post topic and domain relevancy are two major factors  that one should take in consideration while starting the post. When Google bot comes to a page it comprehensively captures the the relevant topics and the entire domain address. If a content writer finds a relevant topic and domain as well, it will be ideally an innovative situation.  Don’t confine yourself if you find it tough to get the exact match, you may go ahead with explore the target prospects.

Follow Up The Quality Standards:  Internet  marketing is all about to reach the massive customer base thus keeping the quality standards in mind is very important.  PageRank of the website is the primary consideration when we talk about the quality standards of a website. It will always be good to look for guest post prospects of PR3 or higher that can easily be spread across the readers. Blog management professionalswho manage the blog posts look for a domain with minimum domain authority since this is the another way to gauge a website’s authority and provides a rank on the whole domain.

Setting Time Frame For Guest Posting:  If all you set to avail good quality backlinks through your blog posts,  it’s a good practice indeed to set realistic expectations on the general time-frame. Decide the exact time frame in which a content writer can fulfill the guest post orders for the clients.

Using Relevant Anchor Text:  Using relevant and most appropriate anchor text yields most value for your guest post. Prior to the announcement of the Penguin update, it was quite easy to get away with having a backlink portfolio full of anchor text. But in the change scenario, search engines term it a bad practice of over optimization.

All these guest blogging strategies seem complete in itself. A content writer understands where to start when to close the process.


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