Oracle Exalytics: Functions, Benefits & Consultants


Oracle Exalytics is an upgraded system that helps in analyzing data really fast with superb manageability, simplicity, accuracy, and perfection. It is also known as an in-memory analytics software and hardware which are optimized to function together.

This program has been designed to find out fast solutions for business intelligence, business modeling, business forecasting and other planning applications. It also helps an individual to have insight into a large array of data and helps in advanced data visualization.

Nowadays business organizations always remain under pressure to perform flawlessly in every aspect, from reporting to analyzing to the execution of plans. The oracle exalytics consultants help to deliver through a combination of hardware and software to perform the analyzing and planning function.

Oracle Exalytics

Functions of Oracle Exalytics

  • The oracle exalytics functions with a combination of hardware and software. As a result, it helps in reducing operational cost risk. The engineered hardware and software is fully tested and upgraded for every activity- starting from its development in the firmware to its application.
  • The hardware specific optimizations help in the fast performance for the application of business intelligence, and massive mobile distribution.
  • The in-memory database helps in storing the data in the main memory. It dramatically reduces the response timing with no dormancy or discontinuity in the network.
  • The upgraded InfiniBand connectivity delivers work at a lightning speed to the world’s most active database machines.
  • The optimized data visualization features of the exalytics identify the patterns of the large complex data sets through speedy observable examination.
  • Due to its plug and play structural design, it doesn’t need any architectural change.


  • The hardware and in-memory analytics of the oracle exalytics help in handling a huge amount of workload which contradicts limited data volume and where customers traditionally had to invest largely in hardware and its maintenance.
  • The business analytics and business modeling infrastructure help to broaden the ability of the business intelligence personnel to ask questions and take decisions to avert risk situation.

Work of a Consultant

In order to do these tasks, the corporate and business technologies recruit a large number of exalytics consultants. The consultants must have specialized product oriented knowledge and have industry-specific experiences. They shall be trained in analyzing, planning, implementing and upgrading business solutions.

They are expected to perform a host of functions for the profitability of the business organizations, like:

  • Implementing the best and state-of-the-art business reporting and analytics elucidation for maximizing profit, cut costs and expand business insight.
  • They provide the expert knowledge to integrate business intelligence and create a suitable environment for the performance of the enterprises. This provides a good support to the overall business processes and leaves a positive impact on the vital decision making.
  • They help in streamlining the reports and reduce the cost of the overall operations.

The main aim of oracle exalytics consultants is to quickly achieve the business value from a set of large data using latest technologies and help the business to survive in a competitive business environment.


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