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Do you reside in Malaysia and looking for the best way to send bulk SMS? Then you should not hesitate to get the bulk SMS software for desktop from One Way SMS.  The features and benefits are amazing and will make your life a lot easier than ever before. The various features that make the software one of the best around will be discussed below

Best for Malaysian end users

The bulk SMS service offered by One Way SMS is the best to send short messages to Malaysian recipients for promoting your business in this country. The message will be delivered directly to the mobile phones of the recipients, and this can promote your business very fast since most people can rarely separate from their mobile devices.

Do you want to remind people about upcoming sales, new sales items, alerts, notifications, announcements, outlet launching and so on? Then your best bet is the bulk SMS software for desktop offered by One Way SMS.  The software ensures that the reminders get to the recipient fast. There is no better way to communicate with your Malaysian clients than via this means.

Bulk SMS Services

Personalized SMS

The bulk SMS software for desktop is designed in such a way to enable you to send your SMS in a personalized manner. Consequently, you can address each of the receivers in a personalized manner so that they feel more compelled to open the message since they will see it as something directed personally at them.

Most bulk SMS services are simply impersonal, and the recipient may not see any reason to open them, especially if he has not signed up to receive messages from that particular sender. If you want to advertise your business via bulk SMS in Malaysia to a new audience, you can get a lot of traffic by sending personalized SMS that will compel the receivers to open, read and take the required action fast.

Best for sending OTP or reminders 

The bulk SMS software for desktop offered by One Way SMS has simplified the process involved in sending One Time Pin (OTP) and reminders. You can access the software via API or the web-based version for easy relaying of your message to your target audience. The process is easy, and you do not need to have used a similar service before.

Highly affordable

Despite the superior services and benefits, you will get when you use the bulk SMS software from One Way SMS; you will also not have to pay through the nose to benefit from their services.  Aside from being affordable, their system is equally secure, which means any unauthorized individual will not access the information you provide on their platform.

Top notch customer service

Furthermore, One Way SMS offers one of the best customer care services in the industry in Malaysia. The software works efficiently, and the outlet is ever available to respond to your queries and worries. Are you having challenges with the bulk SMS software for desktop, their customer care agents are always on hand to direct you. You can get in touch with them via phone call, email or by filling the contact form on their platform.


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