New App is Hailed as Uber for Truckers


Most commuters are more than familiar with Uber by now. Uber is known for many things both good and bad. However, no one can argue that the app revolutionized commuting by streamlining the process for everyday customers. A new app called HWY Pro is aiming to do the same thing, but with a twist. Instead of regular commuters, HWY Pro will streamline driving for truckers.

“Just Drive”

HWY Pro is developed by three former trucking professionals, Bill Busbice, Harry Hover, and Paul Svindland. Their motto for the app is “just drive.” Simple enough, but the phrase promises major changes for truck owner-operators. Non-truckers often believe that all truckers do is drive on the road. While driving is a major aspect of being a trucker, it’s not the only thing that truckers have to do. In fact, truckers often find themselves spending hours arranging new hauls or waiting for loads.

App is Hailed as Uber for Truckers

What Mr. Bill Busbice and the others hope to do with HWY Pro is to reduce time waste and make trucking a more efficient process. The idea is to allow truckers to just drive, instead of spending hours making calls to shippers or waiting for new loads at truck stops. Truckers are already facing a lack of sleep crisis. With efficiency-minded tools like HWY Pro, truckers will have more time to rest.

Reducing Time Consumption with Just 6 Taps

The typical way for a trucker to arrange a haul involves making phone calls to shippers, dealing with middlemen, and so on. With HWY Pro, a trucker can arrange a load with 6 taps or less on a smartphone screen. What’s more, truckers can organize tens of thousands of loads using the app in a short amount of time. This beats the conventional method of waiting at truck stops hoping for the load board to show something new.

HWY Pro makes a number of freight specialists available to each user. These specialists are entrusted with making sure that loads reach truckers at selected destinations. This takes a literal load off the back of truckers. They can concentrate on driving instead of worrying where to pick up the next load.

HWY Pro also has a smart route planning feature that lets truckers plan a haul without hassle. Truckers can arrange stops and have loads ready for pick up, which eliminates waiting time. Truckers can also get real-time updates as new loads become available. The freight specialists are always available to get accurate information on new loads as well.

The Future of Smart Trucking

Most trucking technology is available to big truck companies and dispatchers. HWY Pro is unique because the app directly relates to truck drivers themselves. Technology is rapidly transforming the trucking industry. But not much has been done to improve the lives of truck drivers themselves. HWY Pro is one of the few innovations that aim to do just that.

The trucking industry is currently facing a major driver shortage problem, which is exacerbated by the fact that the trucking life is extremely difficult. Truck companies can use apps like HWY Pro to make the process less inconvenient and even attract new drivers to address the shortage.


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