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There are times when one runs out of data connection and they cannot stream the videos any further. An easy solution that can help one to prevent such a situation is to download and use the TubeMate YouTube Downloader. TubeMate Downloader is an app that encodes audio files from YouTube videos and creates an MP3 version of the video. One needs to initially download the 9apps to get this app. One can download the app from the website and also from Tubemate apk. This app makes the audio and video experience better when the person does not have sufficient net balance.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

What are the basic features present in TubeMate?

After downloading TubeMate YouTube Downloader from Tubemate apk, the basic features that one gets are:

  • The Graphic User Interface is easy to use.
  • Downloading videos in the background while performing other tasks is possible.
  • Downloading videos according to the user’s proffered resolution.
  • Pretty light app to have installed on the device!

How to use the TubeMate YouTube downloader

It is very easy to use the app.  Once a person has successfully downloaded the app on his or her device, all they have to do is to check the video streaming website of their desire and hit the download button. The person can also choose the video resolution and format once the video has started downloading. After the download, it’s easy to get back to the app and watch the saved videos.

Downloading Videos using TubeMate:

The access to YouTube is by TubeMate is an overlay. While one selects a video, they are given a chose between downloading the video or watching the video. As the purpose of the user is to download, he or she must hit the green arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen.

On hitting the green arrow two options pops-up: Download and Watch. The quality of the video is solely dependent on the source. Several streaming options are provided by YouTube. Such similar options are provided by this app too.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader downloads MP4 format videos and the videos are saved in the Folder named video by default.

Downloading Audio using TubeMate:

Similar steps are to be followed by a person while choosing an audio file. Only, he or she has to choose Download MP3 instead of video. The video quality determines the sound quality.

TubeMate saves the downloaded Mp3 files in the device and the user can transfer it according to their convenience.

TubeMate as an excellent utility for offline videos

It is very easy to save the videos with the help of TubeMate YouTube Downloader. It provides amazing video qualities for several videos. This app enables that the user can access to the best resolution videos on his or her device. Although the Audio sounds are like streaming previews, however, it is passable when the user wants to sample certain audio clip.

Among all the other apps that are present in the app market, TubeMate is the best app for people who doesn’t want to miss out their favourite videos but are constrained data caps.


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