Music, GPS, & More: A Quick Guide To The Gear Fit 2


Hoping to re-imagine what the world of fitness tech will look like in the years and decades to come, Gear Fit 2 has recently released a tech device that attempts to take the best features of a wearable fitness tech and combine them with smart watches. The end result is another piece of good fitness tech to add to your arsenal of athletic / fitness apps. An interesting blend that is well worth a deeper look.

Music, GPS

What is it?

The Gear Fit 2 from Samsung will cost you $180. It includes a built in GPS and heart rate monitor. It also comes with a stand-alone music player built into the device itself. Ear buds are also included with a capacity of up to around 1,000 MP3s. The Gear Fit 2 also comes with its own separate pair of ear buds. It includes a 1.5 inch display that is 432 by 216 pixels in size. The curved display incorporates a colored touch screen. You get 4 GB of storage for music as well as 512 MB of RAM. The watch is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor chip. Available at most major retail chains, the Gear Fit 2 is hoping to revolutionize how we approach smart tech during our workout.

So What Makes The Gear Fit 2 Unique?

The Gear Fit 2 is trying to collapse the number of devices you bring with you to the gym from 2+ to 1. By making a single device that does everything that a fitness tech can do while also being a place where you can store and play music, Gear Fit 2 is attempting to be one of the first does-it-all pieces of fitness tech. Aiding in its design is compatibility with a number of different fitness applications. You also get a range of features that provide you with notifications on email, SMS, calls, scheduling, and more. All in all, the Gear Fit 2 provides an incredible selection of features that when considered in a single bundle makes the $180 price tag really competitive.

Why Go Towards Compiling Features?

Samsung, the creator of the Gear Fit 2, is following overwhelming market trends pushing towards using fewer devices. Fitness watches have already gone through the process of reducing themselves in size, allowing for even more features to be included around your wrist. As many other companies are identifying, when a minimal size has been reached, the next most important thing to focus on are features. With the Gear Fit 2, we can see a strong push by Samsung to bridge features typically unavailable in a smart watch, bringing an entire suite together.


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