Importance Of Mobile Voting In Electing The Medical Council


Each profession has a group of members who regulates the profession and takes care of the interests of its members. They also frame rules and regulations for members that all the members have to follow. Similarly, for regulating the profession of doctor, Medical Council of India is formulated. This voting process is modeled from the General Medical Council of United Kingdom. If the mobile voting system is implemented, then that would alleviate all the malpractices as well as make the entire election process of medical council of India simple.

Election process of medical council


The election is conducted for selecting the posts of president, vice-president and the members of the executive committee. Further on the floor of the house in General body meeting of the council the election for the postgraduate medical education committee is held. The notification for conducting the election for specific posts is generated at least twenty-one days prior to the date of the meeting. A single member can contest for a single post a time and in case of filing nominations if it is found by the returning officer that any member has filed for more than one posts then at his discretions all his nominations will get rejected.

This process is not that simple as it sounds but the process could be simplified if the mobile voting app is used for the entire process. In that case, the members have to file their nomination online and the process will be simplified. Generally, after the nomination is filed the scrutiny committee scrutinize the nomination papers and in case any nomination paper is not found in order then the same shall be rejected by the returning officer. There will no need for this process if the online voting system is implemented as only after scrutinizing, the members are allowed to file the nomination.

Declaration of results

After successfully filing the nomination of the members the returning officer provides orders for conducting the election. Currently, the secret ballot is used for the process of voting which is specified by the returning officer for the members present and voting. This process engages a lot of time. The total time taken could be cut short only when the voting is done through the mobile app. The time of any doctor is valuable and saving their time is much needed.


There are many flaws that arise in general voting system while conducting professional elections. If the ballot paper doesn’t bear the signature of the returning officer or the voter signs his name or write a word or makes any such mark which recognizes the vote as his vote, in that case, the vote shall become invalid. Many times, no choices are recorded on the ballot papers then again, the vote could not be counted. All these flaws may arise in any of the professional elections. For overcoming all these problems right2vote came up with a professional voting app which not only makes the voting process easy, but it is more reliable than the current voting process.


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