How to Photograph Silhouettes


Love experimenting with your looks? Want to try out something new? It is always said that there must be proper lighting to get the best click. And also when there is sunlight, switch on the flash so that the shadow part isn’t covered in the picture. But, have you ever given a thought about silhouette?

Silhouettes are a way to convey your emotions , your moods and your thought process. If you have an album full of colorful pictures and one single silhouette, it will outnumber the rest. Yes, it is a story, an expression amidst the rest. You might be wondering how can a silhouette be a form of expression as they are just a form of shadow? They just give a hint to the person and leaves the rest for them to imagine. The Mulpix has several such silhouettes. Here are few ways to photograph silhouettes:

Photograph Silhouettes

Choose a strong subject:

You always need to choose a strong subject so that it is recognizable. The Shape has to be distinct such that it is recognizable as silhouettes do not have color, tones or textures. You can have a check at Mulpix as they have ample of them.

Turn off your flash:

If your camera is in automatic mood, it will tend to use the flash whenever there is a need of light. The best thing would be to switch off the flash mode so that the best silhouette can be captured.

Get your light right:

If you think lighting is not needed in silhouette at all, you are wrong. The lighting from the background is must as in normal pictures the flight is given from the front. Have you ever tried a silhouette in sunrise or sunset? If you haven’t do try it out! Ensure that the light is behind the subject.

Frame Your Image:

You need to picturize your photo. There shouldn’t be too much of space from left or right os from the centre. Spacing should be perfect and it should be in such a way that it looks equal from all the angles.

Silhouette shapes:

If you are trying to cover two images at a time and both of them has to be in silhouette mode, ensure that you do not play with the shape of it. If you are try mixing them up it would look cluttered and messy. If there is a person and tree and you want to take pictures of it, do not keep them in the same line. The shape has to be defined by you such that there is clarity in your picture.

Hope the article has been informative to you. These are some of the tips that can help you to get the perfect silhouette picture. You can keep trying till you get the perfect image that you have been looking for. There are cameras with silhouette mode as well. Do try them out. Let us know your feedback on the same.


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