Guide to Editing Your PDF with Movavi PDF Editor


PDF (Portable Document Format) is the standard format that your printer use to convert the images you scan. It can occur to you that you find some mistakes in the PDF after you’ve finished scanning. The problem now is that you don’t have access to the original document anymore. In this situation, you can use the PDF editor to edit it. You don’t need expensive PDF editor to make edits. The cheap PDF editor will have all the features you need.

Most basic PDF editors allow you to insert blank pages into your PDF. By inserting a blank page, you can copy text/images from other pages and paste them in. In Movavi PDF Editor, you can add blank pages by clicking on the Blank Page button in the Pages Mode. It will add one blank page at a time. You can keep clicking the Blank Page button to add as many blank pages as you want into the PDF.

To copy a text block or image, you must click the Edit Object button and make the selection with your mouse. Next, you must press the Copy button on the right to copy it. Similarly, when pasting it into the blank document, you must press the Paste button on the right.

PDF with Movavi PDF Editor

When scanning, you accidentally rotate the page incorrectly or you put the page upside down on the scanner. The problem can be fixed by using the rotate tool in the PDF editor. To rotate a single page, you just right click on it and select one of the options including rotate left, rotate right or rotate 180 degree. You can also rotate multiple pages by selecting them with your mouse and then right click to choose a rotate option.

Sometimes, the OCR will produce extra text that looks like a string of error text. You can solve this problem by selecting the text block in Edit Object Mode and pressing the Delete button on the right to delete it. Similarly, if there is any distortion on the image, you can just select it in the Object Mode and press the Delete button to delete it.  You can then use the Add Image button to load another image to replace it. This also work for PDF that is scanned incorrectly. For example, the image is scanned crooked at an angle, you can easily solve the problem by deleting it and then add back the image that you have rescanned.

PDF editor also allow you to pluck images from the PDF. To pluck an image, you must select the preferred image in Edit Object mode and then click on the Copy button. Next, you must press Append Files button to paste the images as an individual page. Now, you can export the single image you just plucked by pressing the Extract button and entering a name for the file. Before you pluck an image from a PDF, make sure you have a permission to do so. You can also input a digital signature if you have the scanned image of your signature. After it is added into the form page, you can resize and move it to embed in the blank spaces nicely.


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