Gaining Likes and Followers Naturally in Instagram


Getting more followers and likes is something that makes everyone happy on social media. You may definitely be excited on sharing some of the amazing videos or photos that can reflect your brand image (whether you are managing account for business or it’s your own brand), you are keen to earn more favorites from your followers. Once Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected, you can see your following to grow rapidly and you may have up to hundreds of followers. There are few of the easy ways to get some huge cred in your account as your followers and likes.

Likes and Followers Naturally in Instagram

Get Amazing Content

You need to post some amazing and exciting content to get more likes and followers on Instagram. In order to keep coming back and double tapping the pictures, they have to be confident to put up quality photos and amazing captions. You have to give what your audience wants to see. Don’t post same types of pictures again and again. You have to be real and don’t get boring. Switch your angles up and stay specific to your brand established by you.

Get a Theme

There are several successful accounts with certain theme that carry in each of the posts. You need to ask what’s in your mind. It could mean that you are absolutely based on location. You may have a small restaurant where you can highlight its menu. No matter whatever you have, be sure to stick with it. Consistency is what your followers love to see and they will trust your Instagram account to meet their diverse needs. In case you are going to follow high fashion account, you are likely to be thrown off by seeing the picture of a blueberry muffin suddenly.

Use Caption to Tell Your Story

Once you have taken a killer picture, edited it and got it ready, you may easily overlook the caption. But avoid falling in the trap. Captions are very important part of your pictures. You can give little insight to your followers by telling a small story as a pro along with the context of the picture. However, the best combination is getting a great caption and amazing picture to go with it. Alex Guiry, a photographer not just tells a whole story with amazing pictures, but it also gives behind-the-scenes stints to the audience so they would want more and hear more.

Make a Schedule

It is vital for your followers to know when to get a new picture. As discussed earlier consistency is what your audience wants. Most of it is based on the amount of content you need to post. If you swim in stunning pictures and start posting every day, you are all set to keep up with things when you queue up the photo for each passing day. You need to set up a content calendar for your account as it can do well to keep things organized and it can absolutely make a great change for your likes and follower count.


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