Enter The EDM Universe And Experience The PLUR

Enter The EDM Universe And Experience The PLUR

Before I begin, I’d like to share with you the thoughts of an elderly man I met on the bus who was very impressed by my headphones.

Nice headphones! Love the design! What are they called? EDM? Eddum? Ee Deem? How do you even pronounce that? And PLUR? Why are you just saying letters? The hell is a PLUR? First YOLO, now this? Back in my day, we actually made real words using letters. *sigh* You youngsters are just making up words. LET ME TELL YOU, THIS IS NOT HOW YOU USE THE ALPHABET, YOUNG MAN. But nice headphones, though. And seriously, buy yourself a dictionary.

Thank you random old guy, you totally made my day! :)

Now, on to the review!


Inspired by and designed for Electronic Dance Music, the EDM Universe Earphones by MEElectronics just ooze style. With their angled nozzle, clever ergonomics, and brightly coloured design, these eye-catching earphones are priced at $49.99 and can be bought directly from the MEELectronics website. Get them from Amazon and you’ll save yourself $10. They’re available in White, Black, Green, Blue, Pink, and Purple, with the latter being the colour of the review unit they were kind enough to send to me.

MEElectronics EDM Universe Box

Even the box itself itself is elegantly modern and very striking with its magnetic clasp and two-toned colour scheme; MEElectronics definitely knows how to make a solid first impression. Inside of the box, you find your headphones neatly enclosed in a polystyrene packaging underneath a clear plastic case. Apart from the headphones, you get a matching carrying case (purple, in my case) which holds the rest of the accessories; extra pairs of differently sized earphone tips as well as a very hipster-like EDM wristband embossed with the PLUR motto (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect).

Speaking of PLUR, the entire design of the EDM headphone revolves around this theme. The logo itself incorporates all 4 design elements into a lowercase d which, although it reminds me a tiny bit of the Beats by Dre logo, looks so much better than that boring old b. EDM isn’t just music; it’s so much more than that. It’s a culture, a sensory experience backed by a global movement (at least, that’s what it says on the packaging). All I know is that these are probably one of the best headphones I’ve ever used.

MEElectronics EDM Universe Earphones Style 1

MEElectronics EDM Universe Accessories

The first thing you think when you see these headphones is how cool they look. With their uniquely angled design and contrasting colour scheme, they look effortlessly stylish. The angled design plays a massive role in noise isolation since they aim the music directly in your ear canal while also ensuring that the headphones don’t feel uncomfortable after extended periods of use. The idea is that since they’re noise-isolating, you won’t have to turn the volume up too loud to be able to hear anything, and this’ll protect your hearing in the long run. Not to mention, it’s also useful for everyone else on the bus who doesn’t want to hear your terrible taste in music (you know who you are, people-who-think-headphones-are-speakers).

Build quality is top-notch, as is expected with MEELectronics products. You get a very nice tangle-resistant flat cable. Thankfully, these headphones use an L-Shaped connector, so your cable won’t split and die after a few months of usage. The cable features a small clip to attach to your clothes and a dedicated volume-slider to control the headphone’s volume. That impeccably well-built control area also hosts the Play/Pause button (which can be long-pressed to open Google Now), and the microphone. The microphone works very well and cleverly gets rid of as much background noise as possible to make phone calls sound a lot clearer. Just a quick reminder about the volume control though; it isn’t meant to control the phone’s volume. It’s solely for the headphones themselves.

MEElectronics EDM Universe Volume Adjuster

MEElectronics EDM Universe L-Shaped Connector and Clip

Sound quality is equally impressive. Since these are specifically tuned for EDM, you can hear everything, and I mean everything. After using these earphones to listen to a song I’ve heard countless times before, I actually heard notes I didn’t even knew were in the song! You can feel the bass pounding in your ears, hear all the high notes, and hear every vocal intonation with surprising clarity; these are definitely made for multi-layered compositions. Even at the lowest volume, you can hear everything the way it was supposed to be heard.

With the EDM Universe earphones, MEElectronics has simply knocked it out of the park. With great difficulty, I managed to get a Beats By Dre obsessed person try these out (seriously, he never takes them off. I think they might be super-glued to his head) and he was unable to tell the difference between these and the $300 headphones he bought. If anything, he thought his music sounded cleaner with these, although the bass was definitely less aggressive. Honestly, for $50, the EDM Universe earphones are the best headphones you can buy. They are the Nexus 7′s of the audio world; you get exceptional bang for your buck. A definite must-buy for EDM fans and audiophiles everywhere.

Website: MEElectronics

Google+: MEElectronics

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