Enjoy Playing Tank Trouble With Your Friends On The Same Pc


Playing games online is a different fun filled dimension for game aficionados. There are innumerable games available online that keep you busy in your leisure time. Different genres and user interface even make the gaming experience more exciting and addictive.

Playing games with your friends and family online in a shared platform is a lot of fun. But playing a game on the same computer is full of more excitement and thrill. You can enjoy the same while playing Tank Trouble on your computer. The game does not demand any high configuration. The latest version of the browser will do the trick.

Enjoy Playing Tank Trouble

About the online game

Tank Trouble is the best of its kind single or multiplayer online browser game. It is all about your favorite tank game in the 2-D frame. When the game starts, a maze-like a frame will appear where your and the opponent’s tank will appear. The moment the tanks appear the game starts instantly. You have to react immediately. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opponent’s tank before your tank is destroyed by them.

The game controls are quite simple. Only 5 keys are involved in playing the game. 4 keys are configured to control the motion of the tank, and another key is used to fire the weapon. Every time the game starts the location of the tanks varies. So there is no definite position that you can rely on and use it to your advantage. Sometimes the position of the tanks will give a window of opportunity that will last for a fraction of a second. If you do not react fast, then your tank might end up destroyed.

The game is very simple but very exciting to play. At first, you may not be able to control the movement of the tank and fire simultaneously. The most challenging part is to control the tank and fire towards your opponent at the same time. The weapons do not have unlimited ammunition. The default weapon regenerates shells after few seconds, and when you are empty, you can do nothing but dodge the opponent’s fire.

The maze walls reflect the ammo when fired. So if you have good trajectory calculation skill you can use it to your benefit and hit the opponent’s tank behind the walls without even reaching there. Bonus weapons will appear which you can collect and use to destroy other tanks. The collected weapon expires after a single fire.

Controls and Game Modes

The game can be played by three persons altogether on the same machine. The controls are:

  • Player 1: arrow keys for navigation and ‘M’ key to fire the weapon
  • Player 2: ‘E’, ‘S’, ‘D’ and ‘F’ for navigation and ‘Q’ to fire.
  • Player 3: Mouse to control the navigation and fire weapons.

Go boom

The unique feature of the game that allows three players to play together makes it even more interesting. The competition increases manifold, and the adrenaline starts to rush once you start playing it. You can adjust the game settings for different features in the control panel. Why wait? Start having fun now with your near ones.


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