Easy Access to Timeline Formatting


Timeline maker is one of the easy to use programs that you need to download in your system. This program is an intuitive and a well organized one that gives you access to various publishing as well as printing. This program gives you the advantage of printing in any size of paper. This also allows you to publish any chart as a common graphic file like (.gif, .bmp, .jpg, .tif, .png) or may also link the chart as an html file. This particular program is available for only Windows systems. This also charges you money after completion of a trial of 30days, but this charge for the program is worthy as it gives you the advantage of working without any internet connection. The program also enables you to select the right one from the countless number of templates that are available, gives you permission to access their clipart or allows you to use your own pictures for visual effects and also makes it easier for you to organize your events categorically.

Easy Access to Timeline Formatting

Timeline maker allows you to build a number of timeline charts from only one available set of data. This feature gives you the advantage of entering the task or the event data only once and allows you to build multiple views of that particular data according to your requirement. To get the best display of your timeline you need to select these available options:

  • Flag chart timeline
  • Gantt chart timeline
  • Bar chart timeline
  • Chronology chart

Types of Formats

For developing a well organized timeline multiple timeline formats that are available are listed below:

  • Interactive Presentation – Timeline maker program consists of an inbuilt option of a full screen presentation mode. It also enables a seamless integration with Power Point. This program also offers scroll as well as zoom controls in both inbuilt presentation mode and in Power Point.
  • Business Timescales – This timeline program enables you to select the measurement of your timescale. This measurement is completed by use of common timeline frames that are available like quarters, years, weeks, months, day’s minutes as well as seconds along with the standard mode of “auto-date”.
  • Relative Date and Time Display – This option allows you to present your timeline whenever an alternate to calendar dates are needed. With this option you can have a glance at the previously scheduled work of your project (like that of the 1st month or the one of the 2nd week). To get the details of your earlier project you can just select the option ‘New Relative Date’ option.
  • Easy Customization and Editing – This brings multiple themes for the inbuilt charts that are available. In order to get access to these themes you just need to select the proper and the effective one depending upon your choice.
  • Simple Sharing, Printing and Publishing – Apart from the benefit of sharing your package, Timeline Maker also allows you with the option of saving your timeline chart in the available formats like PDF, HTML, or any graphic file including JPG, BMP, PNG and others.

Hence by using these multiple timeline formats according to your need will allow you to maintain a proper track of the events.


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