How To Double Your Blog Traffic By Writing Catchy Headlines


To attract more readers to your blog, you need to write quality blogs. But people will go through all your blogs only after they find it interesting in the very first sight. So, no doubt it is the title of your blog that strikes eyes first.

Therefore, none can deny the importance of catchy headlines to start a blog successfully for their own. But how you can create catchy headlines every time? Here are few tips.

Blog Traffic By Writing Catchy Headlines

Few Favourite Types of Headlines of All Time

How to Headlines: “How to” headlines are most popular among readers. Those articles which deal with any “how to” process are most read and reviewed. It is most common among lots of people to Google anything by attaching “how to” before any search term like “how to write catchy headline” or else.

Blogging is all about writing on useful topics and making people knowledgeable in an easier way on several topics. Thus a blog title starting with “How to” term attracts more attention. So, it is clear that writing “how to” headline can still double your blog traffic.

Question Headlines: After “how to” different types of questioning headlines attract more readers. When you put a question in the title, that means you are going to find out or present the answer of the question.

And we can judge it for ourselves that we ask so many questions on Google or other search engines and get lots of results against our question. And most importantly we open most of those posts which carry the same or a nearer question in its title. And this is how the strategy helps you get more readers and increase your blog traffic.

Number Headlines: Number headlines are the next in the list. These types of headlines that use numbers at the beginning of the title like “5 Advantages” or “7best tips” are extremely influential. These titles generally need to rouse some kind of passion for getting people to know those “5 Advantages” or “7 best tips.”

Secretive Headlines: You just need to be a little secretive while writing a title. And therefore, use the terms like “surprising” or “amazing” or “stunning” to make your blog visitors suspicious on your revelation through writing. Anything or word that is suspicious and a little secretive hits our subconscious and pushes us to reveal the secret. And there is the success of a writer for writing the secretive title.

Benefit and Importance Headlines: We have a tendency to know what is beneficial, what has which importance etc. When the readers come to know from the title that you are going talk about some beneficial features of a particular product, or service or else, they feel interested in going through it. So, it is a good option to create headlines that are like “benefits of eating egg whites” or “importance of organic traffic” etc.


So, we can finally say that a blogger does not need to turn out mind to find out a catchy headline to get double traffic to start a blog successfully. But it is just a few tricks, and the writer needs to know what the readers are fond of.


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