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Want to have some serious fun? Something that gives you the adrenaline rush you have been craving for. Something long lost since your teenage years? What to step out of your comfort zone without disturbing your life? Virtual games are your answer. Virtual games give you an almost real experience in an artificial environment. These games are really fun when you want to get away from the all the stress and tension of your daily life. One such game to give you the chills and thrills is The X realm game in Edmonton. This game is for the detectives out there who need an escape into the virtual world and dig out into some serious mysteries.

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What the game is about?

This is an escape room game in Edmonton, which gives you a variety of themes in these rooms. There are different rooms where you can choose and select a particular theme and solve the mystery and come out a winner. There are many interesting escape room games in Edmonton in The X realm.

How is it played?

  • Here, you choose a room and you are sent in. There are many different themes so according to them you get to react in a particular situation. Depending on the mysteries you have chosen you are put into situations where you are stuck and need to solve the mystery to get out of it.
  • This gives you a thrilling experience wherein you actually come out of situations on your own. It is more like a movie experience and you are your own superhero!
  • Are you afraid of getting stumped? Or of not being able to solve the mysteries? It’s completely fine! Yes, it is. Their team will always be there to help you out of the situation. You get to ask for two hints in a situation and their team members will be right there.

 What are the options?

This is the most interesting part. Here are the four escape rooms that you can choose from:

  • The castle: Here you are in a castle which is dominated by a secret power. You have be there and defeat the vampire to come out alive or you are dead
  • Lost empire: You are a part of an archeological team and you find a secret door. As you get into it to see what is inside the door is slammed and rocks covered it already. You have to find your own way out of this world. Will you be able to do it?
  • Whisper of the dead: Here you are in Bram mansion, which was famous for hosting many noble parties before the murders started taking place in there. The ghosts of the dead still reside in the mansion and you are stuck in. Will you come out or give in to the dead?
  • Royal fortune: Here you are given clues and you have found a fortune that can change your life. Exciting enough?

So go right away and experience the thrill of your life!


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