Cyber Bullying: When Technology Might Not be the Best Choice


There was a time when bullying is only left to the schools and offices wherein other individuals might think their “targets” are weaker and more vulnerable to harm than the person inciting the trouble. However, technology brought us to the age wherein bullying can now take a digital form. Cyber bullies, as it is commonly called, like to make another person’s life miserable by sending messages and other media that can discriminate, threaten, oppress, and do other forms of harm to the receiver.

Albeit any form of bullying is nothing new, it’s still a major problem that should be dealt with accordingly. Some receivers of the negative actions can’t stand up for themselves and will just proceed to take in all the hardships that come their way.

Cyber Bullying

Bullying and the Internet

Modern technology allows bullying to take on a new form as oppressors now take their harassments into a digital form, much to the disdain of the targets of these bullies. The bully can send threatening and harmful messages to their marks. In fact, it might not even be the target of the act of bullying to be the receiver of the message as one tap of a finger or a click of a mouse button can instantly spread false rumors that might put further harm to the person’s overall well-being.

Remember, smartphones might be a tool for conveniently texting or calling the people you hold near-and-dear to your heart, but it’s also a piece of equipment for bullies to exact their misdemeanors. You might trust the person you love wholeheartedly, but when they say “nothing’s wrong” with a disdainful expression, then there’s clearly something wrong.

What Can Be Done About Cyber Bullying?

A famous line heard in movies and found in novels goes something like this – the only way bad guys can win is for good guys to do nothing. However, doing something to counteract the bullying is easier said than done. Some don’t have the level of confidence to stand up for themselves, and if this is the case for the person you care about, then it might be time to do a bit of interfering.

So what kind of interference are we talking about here? Even though your child or the person you care about doesn’t approve of it, you might want to consider spying on their smartphone activities. Albeit spying on them is a subject filled with controversy, there are times wherein you might want to put your foot down to get to the bottom of things. If you’re wondering where to get such an application, you can start your search at

Will talking to your loved one solve their bullying problems, or at least make them feel better? Well, perhaps the act of talking to them might make them feel a bit better, but the main problem still remains that they’re the subject of cyber bullying. After getting confirmation from the person you care about is the receiver of acts of bullying, you can then keep those records as evidence as you show it to the proper authorities.


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