Content Requirement


The content is the piece of information available in a web site regarding some product or some service. In this age of digital marketing, the presentation of a product to maximum number of customers is very important. This can be with the help of brochures, essays, product descriptions, blog posts and newsletters. Most of the business houses seek the help of the content writers to advertise their products using web sites. Those having interest in writing and adequate knowledge of various subjects can become professional content writers and earn some income for the texts supplied to the clients. There are many agencies connecting the content writers with the clients.

Contentmart is a leading web site designed exclusively for the content writers. It is a platform connecting the clients and the copywriters. The Contentmart team comprises of nearly 11000 content writers catering to the needs of about 20,000 clients. Located in Gurgaon in the state of Haryana the Contentmart website has become a popular platform for content writing. All Indian freelance writers can register by using email or Facebook account. Writer can choose from wide variety of topics and bid on the projects of the interest.

Content Requirement

There are certain requirements for the content to be published on a web site. The content does not mean the texts only. It includes other elements such as images, audios and video clips. All these together constitute the content of a site. While designing the web page the size of the various elements should be known in advance like the number of words of a text and the duration of a video clip. Feasibility of including all the elements should be checked.

In most of the sites, normally an item called FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is included. Even if the complete information is given in the content usually, the customers ask for this. As the site is designed with the help of different people, the person responsible for creating and maintaining each element should be identified. The updating of the content regularly is required as the customers like to get latest information. The frequency of updating should be so selected that proper balance is maintained between the expectation of the visitors and your resources.

The World Wide Web Consortium, the main international organisation for the internet has published certain guidelines as requirement for web sites. These are known as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The first set of guidelines, WCAG 1.0 has been published in 1999 containing 14 guidelines. Among other things, this set asks for provision of clean navigation mechanisms and keeping the documents clean and simple. The second set published in 2008 has 12 guidelines in total. Provision of texts for non-textual contents, making text readable and understandable and providing help to the users to navigate, find content and locate it are some of the guidelines included in this set.


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