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Browserling – live, interactive, cloud-based cross-browser testing company – has launched free programmer tools. Browserling’s programmer tools is the world’s largest collection of free developer utilities. These tools are not only useful for programmers but also web developers, web designers, sysadmins and devops.

At Browserling their programming and web development team often needed to perform various common programming tasks and operations. To do that they’d often Google things like “url escape“, “convert json to xml“, “prettify javascript“, “convert csv to json“, and so on. Unfortunately current online tools found via Google contain ads, popups, and other crap, which makes these tools unpleasant to use. As a result Browserling team decided to create their own programming tools free for everyone.

Browserling tools contain no ads, no popups, no useless config options and no useless checkboxes. Just developer tools. The motto of Browserling tools is simple:

Browserling Launches

Press button, get result.

There are 11 categories of Browserling tools: Web tools, Conversion tools, Encryption tools, Hash tools, Password tools, Text tools, Random tools, Image tools, Time and date tools, Mathematics tools, and Other tools.

Let’s look at every category in more details to understand what these tools do.

  • Web tools – tools for web developers that include utilities for working with HTML, URLs, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Base64, Hex, RGB Colors, and Markdown.
  • Data Converters – tools for converting between files, data, text, strings, dates, addresses, and so on. This includes conversion between XML, JSON, CSV, TSV, YAML, TXT, HTML, PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, WEBP, and many more.
  • Data Encryption – tools for encrypting files, data, text and strings. This includes AES, RC4, DES, 3DES, Rabit, Base64, and ROT13.
  • Data Hashing – tools for finding cryptographic hashes of files, data, text and strings. This includes MD6, MD5, MD4, MD2, RipeMD128, SHA1, SHA3, SHA224, CRC16, CRC32, Adler32, and NTLM.
  • Password tools – tools for dealing with passwords. This includes MySQL passwords, MariaDB passwords, PostgreSQL passwords, bcrypt passwords, random passwords, UUIDs, GUIDs and ROT13.
  • Text processing tools – tools for dealing with text data. This includes converting text to lowercase, uppercase, capital case, replacing text, reversing text, transforming text, finding text length, words in text and number of lines, deleting empty lines, shuffling text, converting JSON, HTML, XML to text, and many more.
  • Random data generators – tools for generating random data. This includes random password, string, number generators, random IP and IPv6 generators, random UUID/GUID generators, random date generator, random color generator, and many more.
  • Image processing tools – tools for processing images. This includes tools for working with JPEG images, PNG images, GIF images, BMP images, WEBP images, Base64 images, image resizing, image cropping, image optimization, and many more.
  • Time and date tools – tools for working, calculating and converting time and date. This includes converting UNIX timestamps to UTC and back, converting seconds to human readable format, calculating future and past dates, generating random dates, and many more.
  • Mathematics tools – tools for working with numbers and doing quick calculations. This includes number base converter, roman decimals to integers converter and back, prime number generators, Fibonacci number generators, random number generators, finding roots, plotting functions, factoring prime numbers, checking prime numbers, and many more.
  • Other tools – tools that don’t fit other categories. This includes data validation, such as XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, YAML, CSV validators and checkers, finding IP addresses, checking DNS, finding browser info, and many more.

There are over 100 tools total and Browserling keeps adding more and more tools every week. The last few additions are:

I reached out to Browserling team and asked what tools are coming next and here’s what they answered:

  • Uuencode Text
  • Uudecode Text
  • Generate random IPv6 addresses
  • Convert TSV to XML
  • Convert XML to TSV
  • Convert Jade to HTML
  • Convert HTML to Jade
  • Base64 Encode a File (not just a string)
  • Image resize
  • Image crop
  • XOR encrypt data
  • Convert BMP to GIF
  • Convert JPG to GIF
  • Convert PNG to GIF
  • IDN Encode Domain
  • IDN Decode Domain

Incredible. Definitely check out programmer tools at and see you next time!


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