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There are many web hosting companies with their interesting offers nowadays, as the internet users simultaneously keep increasing. Whether it is for local or international website hosting, this industry never does not gain many clients, since the working network is really wide. However, the type of offers, there must be things that really fit your needs. Home Host, as one of the website hosting company in Brazil continues to be serving its customers since 2004 with assorted updated PHP and My SQL hosting companies. They know very well how to keep their customers with various degree of packages and costs. They are prepared to cover all customers from the background. Unlike every other website hosting, Home Host concludes their offers in a neat package of services.


PHP plan, for example, is provided in a number of packages with the gradual difference for each plan. Basically, every package has the latest MySQL number of 4.1 and 5, unlimited domains and sub-domains, and free installation. The large variations are in between traffic and space for e-mails. Certainly the cost could be various too. The facts of PHP plans are beneath • Fundamental Plan: offered with 500 Gigabyte space or room and 1500 GB traffic. Price starts from R$ 14.90 per month. • Enhance Plan: offered with limitless space and unrestricted traffic. Price starts from R$ 29.90 monthly. • Premium Plan: offered with unlimited space and limitless traffic. Price starts from R$ 89.90 month to month. The price range can be a lot cheaper in the event you pay it for consecutive months. There is gradual discount increasing from monthly, quarterly, annual and bi-annual payment.

The discount can be 25% from initial price. The major difference between Advance Plan and Premium Plan’s spaces for the bank, that’s unlimited for your latter one. Both Advance Plan and Premium Plan have SSH Access, although not with Basic Plan. You can select which one is perfect for you. Host Home serves you with easiness as they accept payment via major charge cards. Home Host doesn’t only cope with PHP hosting plan, but also right after another supportive hosting. You are able to suit yourself with ASP hosting, HTML hosting, Java Hosting, any other choice. Every web hosting will get an advantageous package, from basic to premium at the same time. In case you have the challenge with the hosting, e-mail, access, plan and domain, Home Host is preparing to help you with 24/7 online contact. They promise to obtain full service, especially for users in Brazil.

Instructional videos may also be provided in the website, so you can set up it by yourself. It’s not that hard to decide on as well as use the plan. Each procedure is done online. You simply need to input picking a package into the online form of Home Host. You can also make a choice from a national and international domain. One can choose from the different price. If you’re willing to have the national domain (, it’ll cost you higher than common international domains (.com, .net, .org). What type is your choice? Adjust the plan with your budget and usage to make a smart decision.


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