6 Ways to Make Your College Admission Essay Top Notch


Are you someone who has completed your schooling and is planning to join a college or university of your dreams?

All most all the top notch universities and colleges in the US and the UK require students to submit a detailed admission essay along with their application form. The grades obtained for the admission essay is then considered for final selection. So, the quality of your admission is extremely important to get admission to your dream University or college.

Writing a college admission essay is a challenging task and most students don’t know how to go about it. The format, style and things to include in the admission essay are completely different from what you have done in your college or school essay. That’s why most students prefer to hire the service of professional essay writing services by https://www.vivaessays.com/ so that they can submit a high quality admission essay and increase their chances of getting selected to their dream college.

The following are some tips used by expert writers while writing top notch college admission essays.

College Admission Essay Top Notch

6 Ways to Make Your College Admission Essay Top Notch

  • Understand the Requirements of College: Before writing the college admission essay, it is essential for the student to know the purpose of writing the admission essay. He should also be clear about the expectations or requirements that need to be included /addressed in the college admission essay. Every year, colleges receive hundreds of applications from students for the few seats they have.


In order to select the best among the students, college authorities ask the students to write an admission essay and submit it along with the application form so that they can measure the quality of the student. Some colleges will mention the requirements that need to be included in the admission essay whereas some will ask you to write on your own. Therefore, it is important for students to know these requirements and then include them in their admission essay.

  • Showcase Your Unique Skills through Admission Essay: Every student will have some unique skills and it is important to showcase those skills in your admission essay so that the college officials know why they need to select you. You can include anything from your sports skills to your music or singing skills apart from your academic scores in your admission essay so that you get to score above others.
  • No Copied Content: When preparing your admission essay, it is important for the student not to copy content from other admission essays. Copied contents are easy to identify and it will take the personal touch away from your essay.

  • Formatting: Even though your admission essay needs to be presented from a personal point of view, it is important to give a professional look to it and use standard formatting techniques. This implies you should not use any fancy fonts and pictures in your admission essays.

  • List out Your Goals: An admission essay without your goals is like tea without sugar. No one can enjoy it and it gives an impression to the reader that you are someone without any goals. Therefore, it is important for you to include your goals.

  • Error Free: Finally, you need to make your admission essay as error free as possible. Any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes will immediately trigger the rejection button. So, students need to make sure your admission essay is free from errors.


If you find it tough to prepare a college admission essay, it is good to hire the service of a professional essay writing agency that can get you a quality college admission essay at an affordable price.


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