5 Unusual Content Marketing Tips on Twitter


Twitter has unbelievable power to boost your social media marketing campaigns. You must have read hundreds of articles on marketing hacks and strategies, but this one’s altogether different. It’s based on Donald Trump’s ability to utilize the social platform that has given rise to 10 unusual Twitter marketing rules.5 Unusual Content Marketing Tips on Twitter

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  1. Authenticity is the key

That’s the key, and with a controversial person such as Donald Trump who has no brand but only himself to support, authenticity becomes more crucial. Yes, every information that comes out of his mouth must be authentic and backed by proofs.

Is he authentic though? Not necessarily, but his supporters like him because he is a straight talker who addresses their concerns. At least, he is true to himself.

Takeaway: instead of talking how authentic you are, prove it! You can do so by sharing your feelings and views. If you’re authentic, you’ll be able to build engagement.

  1. Don’t Be Boring!

You need to look different from your competitors. Raise the bar if you like to understand that way. Donald Trump stands out from the others, just because he’s different.

Takeaway: You need to be entertaining and unique. At the same time, you need to be relevant and address the issues of your target audience.

  1. Learn to Turn Your Failures into Success

You cannot win every battle. You need to be prepared for social media crisis, lost client, lost traffic or a failed product launch. By losing a battle, according to Trump, you see a new way to win the war.

“Losses are an opportunity to reassure your audience that any setbacks are only temporary.”

So, this is an opportunity to unite, inspire, and fire up your audience.

Takeaway: Use a loss to energize your audience or communicate how excited you are about getting on track and winning in the future.

  1. Have Your Say

People know that Donald Trump has been quite outrageous on Twitter. But he’s not afraid to tweet bold and controversial posts. That’s because he doesn’t believe in bad publicity, but thinks that controversy sells. This is the reason why he dominates most of the debates, and has been a talking point in republican debates too.

Takeaway: Don’t be meager. Don’t be afraid to share your views. Instead of fearing offensive behavior from your audience, break the rules once in a while and share your opinion on social media.

  1. Find Ways to Attack the Competition

When he feels wronged, Donald Trump always fights back. He has a relentless approach and he fights for hours, even days. Even industry giants tend to attack the competition. Everybody knows the rivalry between Apple and Androids, Pepsi vs. Coke. Lately T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon have been competing in the same manner.

Takeaway: There are several different approaches to attack the competition. You don’t have to be negative all the time. You can highlight your superior products and attack your competitor.


You may think Donald Trump is good or not good, but that’s irrelevant. Even if the person is bad, he teaches great Twitter lessons to the content marketers of the present era.


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