5 Reasons why You Will Love Using USB-C Hub for Your New MacBook Pro


When the 2015 MacBook Pro 12-inch was introduced, the concept of USB-C was mostly a curiosity for people, but now many of the new laptops coming into the market have already dropped the conventional ports, and USB-C has grown to a more interesting and acceptable approach.

The latest 13-inch, as well as 15-inch models of MacBook Pro models and also the HP Windows laptops, Acer, Asus everything, comes out with USB-C ports. Most of the Android smartphones also use USB-C ports now, in fact as their only mode of physical connection.

All these means that a fair sum of people who are used to USB-C standard now is looking out for cables, hubs, adapters, and other modes of getting the older gear connected to these new devices.

New MacBook Pro

Interconnections are easy now

Hopefully, USB-C has now won all interconnection challenge as with Apple, MacBook Pro, dongle, USB-C, Mac, MacOS, Apple Edit, etc. There are more to add to this list as MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 3, Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter. As the majority of discussion about Apple MacBook Pro centers around USB-C hubs and other connection devices, let’s discuss the major advantage of this transition.

Advantages of using USB-C hub for MacBook Pro

  1. Use it to charge anything

The charting device you need for the new Mac is just a generic USB-C charger. You can use this through a USB-C hub to charge your multiple devices like Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc.

  1. Quick charting

On using a USB-C hub for MacBook Pro to charge Apple devices, you can get these devices charged much faster than usual. Say, for example, iPhones seem to get charged twice as faster to normal charging when these are supplied with a 5-watt adaptor through USB-C hub. You have to use a lightning cable also in this combination.

  1. Portable charging

This is so annoying if you find your MacBook runs out of power when it is most needed. However, with the USB-C you can simply plug it into the other portable power banks or a simple USB car charger. With the help of a USB-C hub, you can connect it to any random charger available around.

  1. Connect a mouse or keyboard

You can easily plug-in an additional keyboard or mouse to your device with USB-C connectivity by using a hub for multi-device connectivity. This makes it much easier for you to work on portable devices without compromising on comfort.

  1. Turn your Mac itself into a battery

You can convert your MacBook pro itself into a power brick to charge other devices with the use of USB-C cable through a hub. You can easily charge your iPhone or any other computers with the help of USB-C. This reverse charging facility is one of the most interesting features USB-C standard brought it. The Touch Bar type MacBook Pro machines are capable of powering two devices simultaneously up to 15 watts and also two additional devices through a hub which use up to 7.5 watts.

These are just to name a few, and there are plenty of other real-time daily life benefits too you enjoy on having a compatible USB-C hub.

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