4 Main Benefits of Using Mobile Time Tracking Apps


When management teams are using mobile time tracking software in their project management systems, they will see benefits in four main areas, though they may vary from company to company.

Here are the key benefits that businesses both small and large will likely experience with mobile timekeeping apps.

Stay on Top of Things

All managers and supervisors can benefit from open access to relevant historical project data from all projects. Forecasts and comparisons depend on reliable data to keep managers from having to make potentially inaccurate speculations. Using a mobile time tracking system, managers can easily run numbers and trust averages in addition to extremes.

Mobile Time Tracking Apps

Planning projects as much as possible, including all contingencies in place regarding potential risk factors, is important. Managers also need to be able to maintain accurate cost tracking, which is why these apps feature integrated time clock data that provides individual and combined employee time totals, while sorting them by specific cost code and job site.

Bid Optimization with Accurate Data Resulting in Profit

Information on mobile time tracking apps is consistently updated based on project costing data to serve as the foundation for the next job costing calculation. You can easily use software to to follow historical patterns and make changes accordingly when needed. This ultimately helps with identifying and mitigating risk.

Managers can bid on price jobs more confidently with the knowledge that data contains no hidden weak areas or errors.

Supervision of Field Crews and Site Management

Managers can also use mobile time tracking apps to actively and remotely supervise their field crews, for each person on the job. You can see whether they are on the clock, which project they have open, and the task they’re currently working on.

Using a GPS map, you can scroll from site to site with regular location updates, allowing you to find them as soon as you need them rather than needing to look for them and make calls to locate them.

Automated integration of time clock app data also improves the coordination and control of projects, culminating in more accurate results.

You can use a mobile time tracking system to help lower the cost of monitoring staff, while also benefitting from reduced limitations thanks to the ability to monitor employees offsite.

Automation of Reports

Reporting is another hassle that many businesses often face, which can take a lot of time better spent on other matters. With the help of mobile time tracking apps, you can benefit from automated reporting for payroll and business analysis. All relevant data can appear in these reports to keep your company updated. All data produced is also returned to the office in real time for every report for the most complete and accurate information.

With these benefits in mind, you can see how mobile time tracking systems are capable of boosting your business in many ways. Take advantage of these systems to get the results you want from your payroll, monitoring, and reporting.


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