4 Common Mistakes That Unknowingly Harm Your Phone



Smartphones today are versatile devices that can handle numerous functions at any given time. For example, they can handle features like taking pictures and video, surfing the internet, and even playing games. These features, along with the basic call and text functions, make smartphones the handiest device around.

An important gadget like this should be kept in working condition and be taken well care of. Not doing so may cause unwanted problems in your phone from it not being registered on your network because of an internal problem to having a shorter battery life.

Most of these problems are caused by several mistakes that are unknowingly being done by their users. To know more about this, here are common mistakes smartphone users tend to do that harm their phone:


Leaving Bluetooth and WiFi on regularly

To be able to use most of the features present in your smartphone, you must be able to access the internet or turn on your Bluetooth to be able to connect with other devices. While keeping the WiFi on is needed for you to download apps, like the ones needed to unlock your device, for example, it is best to keep it turned off when not in use.

Turning on your WiFi and Bluetooth will make your phone lose power faster than usual. Always make sure to have them turned off when you’re not using them.

Not securing your phone

One of the most important things that you must do to keep your phone safe is by keeping your phone secure using passwords and by making your accounts private. This would prevent unwanted people from invading your personal data, like pictures and messages. Having a phone with lax security would not only mean having your personal data getting compromised, but it can also affect the functionality of your phone, as many forms of invasive software are now present.

These kinds of software can cause damage to the internal workings of your phone, which may lead you to you needing to get a new one. This is why you must always remember to have a password or PIN code on your phone to prevent anyone from prying into it.


Using the phone while charging

When your phone is charging up, it is best to leave it idle until it has been fully charged. This means it is not a good practice to use the phone while it is still plugged into its charger. Doing so will strain your phone’s battery, which may cause the phone to overheat, affecting the overall health of your battery.

To prevent using your phone while charging, make sure that you have a desktop version of the important apps that you have in your phone. By doing so, you would not miss any important messages, while letting your phone charge freely.

Not cleaning your phone

Keeping your phone clean is a part of basic smartphone maintenance, and is something that you should do routinely. Not cleaning it can cause a host of problems, like the ports getting clogged with dirt, or your screen not functioning properly due to it having many smudges and dirt.

There is a host of cleaning cloths and liquids that would ensure your phone is neat and well, which would prevent any problems from happening.

Key Takeaway

Keeping your phone clean and functioning would not only make sure that you have a gadget that you can rely on, but also have one that can last a good amount of time. By making sure that you steer clear of these common mistakes, you are guaranteed that you would make full use of your smartphone.


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